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Klingon recipes

Everyone who follows the Star Trek Series knows the Klingons. They don't only look primitive, their kitchen is also very uncivilized. One of Commander Riker's festive dinners served living octopus, a meal The Klingons call 'Gagh'...
16-02-2000 11:04

The recipe can be found on the internet just as other Klingon-recipes. There are more than fifty different ways to prepare Gagh. We will limit ourselves to giving the traditional preparation from 'The Klingon Kuisine', the standard cookbook of The Klingons.

In the traditional recipe, the octopus is first drenched in a poisonous sauce. But we naturally do not recommend that to anyone. We will keep it to a simple preparation. Take the head of the octopus off, to separate it from the legs. Make a sauce of butter, paprika, salt, and pepper. Roast the octopus' tentacles ten to fifteen minutes on the grill. Turn the tentacles over on the grill and put the sauce over it. Serve the legs with a slice of lemon and a lump of butter. Bon Appetite!

Look around the rest of the website. There is a lot of information collected on the lifestyle of the Klingons.



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