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yIlop! wa'leS chaq  maHeg!
K'Tesh's Klingon Recipe Pages is where you need to go for your next Star Trek Theme Party.

Celebrate! Tomorrow we may die!
(eat dessert first)

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Presumeably, if you are here, you have a function that you would like to host, maybe for the next movie, the beggining or end of a series, a costume/theme party, or even Halloween. K'Tesh's Klingon Recipe Pages ( http://www. is where you go to get ideas for what to make.

If you're skilled at making things, you might make a banner showing your house's crest., or create a replicator ( make a wall that will close the door to the kitchen, and have your guests request items on a menu). Or if you're really ambitious, and don't want anyone not to miss your house, make a shuttlecraft and land it on the yard.

Start hitting the local import store, garage sales, and collectable stores to find bottles that have (or could have) made an appearance on one or all of the series. Host your own version of Quark's Bar. FOR GOODNESS SAKES if you're going to serve alcohol, have a dedicated shuttle pilot for impairment free navigation!!! And don't forget the youngest Trekkers, have something for them.

If it's going to be a big function, have a costume contest, or drag out the Tri-Dimensional Chess set, and the Trivia games.

And whatever you do, don't forget to program the VCR (if needed), and disable communication systems.

Have an idea for a Theme Party activity, Email me.

You might ask why Klingon recipes? Let me answer that one for you.

Klingon food, is the only quality food in the Galaxy. If you burn your food, this is not the place to be. Worried about Vitamins? Klingon food doesn't boil out the vitamins, or ruin them with heat.

Why Klingon food?

I have always Loved Star Trek, and when DS9 first made its appearance I was old enough and independent enough to host my own Star Trek Party. I tried to have a few foods of the show at the party, and with a serious stretch of the imagination I came up with a few. Rokeg Blood Pie was the first recipe I made (the cherry cheesecake version), and Cellular Peptide Cake (with mint frosting) was second. I also had "Green" (Aldeberan Whiskey) in the correct bottle for which I had to search several bars looking for it (Jose Quervo 1800 gold). That bottle was the start of a new collection/obsession of mine.

The party was a disappointment, for me, as few who were invited showed, but I pressed on. Those that showed did enjoy the show, and the food, and I was hooked.

Later TNG went off of the air at the end of the 7th season, I planned to host a second party/wake to celebrate end of a wonderful friendship. A local television station got wind of my party (who the Guest of Honor was to be Jonathan Farwell (Capt. Walker Keel, TNG "Conspiracy") a local resident and veteran of stage and screen). I invited the television show to my home and showed off my collection of Star Trek paraphernalia. I had the same foods, but this time the Rokeg Blood Pie was the Chocolate Silk Pie version, and I added Romulan Ale.

Mr Farwell, did not make an appearance : ( , and again I was disappointed with the resulting gathering (only 8 of the 30+ invited people came). TNG went off the Air, and we waited for Voyager to arrive.

I moved to Klamath Falls to attend OIT in the mean time. I got a computer and for the first few months started hunting through the messages of USENET trying to find recipes, and creating recipes for those who put out requests. Calling upon my personal library of episodes to refresh my memory as to what the different foods looked like.

Voyager's Premier came and went with a small party. More foods, more drinks...fewer guests.

When I crossed the threshold and moved from USENET to the WWW, I found that although there are over a Million Star Trek pages with Star Trek foods to be found, a precious few actually tell how to make foods from the shows. I found my niche.


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