So, you wonder who K'Tesh is...

So, You Wonder Who K'Tesh is... John Tesh in The Icarus Factor

K'Tesh is a Native of Southern Oregon. (Born and Bred), but is a recent immigrant to the Portland Oregon area... fleeing a lousy (lack of ) employment situation in Klamath Falls.

He enjoys cooking for his friends when he gets the chance. Perhaps you should check out his Recipe Page, some of the recipes are quite interesting. {};)

K'Tesh is a big fan of Star Trek, that includes all of the different variations of it (Even the Animated Series). He especially loves the Klingon culture (As if you couldn't guess), and is currently attempting to construct his Klingon Warrior's uniform. (Full Empirical Klingon). You *CAN'T* believe the difficulties that are being encountered.

Enuf of that third person stuff.

I was born in Oregon during the heart of the USA's race to the moon.

I have traveled extensively over the US (being a military brat), and after joining the USAF managed to get myself stationed at RAF Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, England for a couple of years.

I recently ESCAPED from Klamath Falls Oregon, due to economic reasons (high local unemployment rate). Klamath Falls really grew on me though... kinda like moss on a tree.

I started and stopped smoking on October 31, 1974 (yes 1974) and have never had the desire to smoke again. I am quite adamant on this issue. I wish to be the first in line at the PUBLIC EXECUTIONS of the heads of the tobacco industry!!! }=)

I enjoy reading Science Fiction, I am a bicyclist, but don't ride enough, I'm now Contact Juggling (read: new and cool ways to throw a grenade back at your enemy), and I love building plastic models

Some of My Favorite things:


Douglas Adams, Arthur C. Clarke, Peter David, Anne McCaffry, and (last but not least) Carl Sagan.
TV Shows:

Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager), The X Files, Early Edition, The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Junkyard Wars, and Battlebots
Late Night Host:

Jay Leno

Eclectic (New Age, Modern Jazz)
Jazz tunes:

Linus and Lucy, Little Birdy (Both are from the late composer Vince Guaraldi, and both are from the Peanuts animated specials)
Classical Music:

"Mars, Bringer of War", by G. Holst from "The Planets"
Trek TV Theme:

Trek Episode:

"The Inner Light" TNG
Trek Movie Theme:

Trek Movies:



My two word description of myself is (honestly): Mostly Harmless

I guess I'll step out for a bite to eat might say I'm...

Out to Lunch... Missing... Presumed Fed

K'Tesh {=)