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tlhIngan maH!

tlhIngan maH!


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We Klingons are well known for our GLORIOUS songs, GREAT poems, and our MOST HONORABLE stories. Here are a few of some of the finest of our short literary works.


With Fire and Steel did the Gods forge the Klingon Heart.

So fiercely did it beat, so loud was the sound., that the Gods cried out "On this day we have brought forth the strongest heart in all the heavens!

None can stand before it without trembling at its strength."

But then the Klingon Heart weakened, its steady rhythm faltered.

And the Gods said "Why have you weakened so? We have made you the strongest heart in all of creation?"

And the Klingon Heart said "I am alone."

And the Gods knew that they had erred. So they went back to their forge and brought forth another heart.

But the second heart beat stronger than the first. The first was jealous of its power.

Fortunately the second heart was tempered by wisdom.

It said "If we join together no force can stop us."

And when the two hearts began to beat together they filled the heavens with a terrible sound.

For the first time the Gods knew fear. They tried to flee but it was too late.

The Klingon Hearts destroyed the Gods and filled the Heavens with ashes.

To this very day no one can oppose the beating of two Klingon Hearts.

To Greg and Kate... Many Blessings to You and Your House!


The Klingon Anthem: A battle cry that makes every Warrior's blood rise!

Qoy qeylls puqloD

Qoy qeylls puqloD

Qoy puqbe'pu'.
yoHbogh matlhbogh je Suvwl'
Say'moHchu' may' lw'
maSuv manong 'ej maHoHchu'
nl'be' ylnmaj 'ach wovqu'.
batlh maHeghbehj 'ej yo' qljDaq
vavpu'ma' Dlmuv
pa'reH maSuvataHqu'

Hear! Sons of Kahless
Hear! Daughters too.
The blood of battle washes clean.
The Warrior brave and true.
We fight, we love, and then we kill.
Our lives burn short and bright.
Then we die with honor and join our
fathers in the Black Fleet where we
battle forever, battling on through
the Eternal fight.


The Storm at Quin'lat: A story that Kahless himself tells about a fool and respect.

Qin'latDaq SuSa'

QIn'latDaq SuS'a'

QIn'lat veng jaHtaH SuS'a'
veHnaghmeyDaq QanmeH nejta' ghotpu'
'ach Hur ratlhta' wa' loD
ghaHDaq jaHta' qeylIS' 'ej jatlh nuq bIvangtaH
mughIjbe' SuS jatlh nagh ruSwI' je vISo'be' qabwIj
SuSDaq vIQam 'ej muvuvmoH 'oH
batlh Qochbe'ta' qeylIS 'ej vengDaq jaHta'
jajchu' ghoSpu' jevwI' 'ej loD HoHpu' 'oH
ghotpu' jatlh qeylIS qoH vuvbe' SuS

The Storm At Quin'lat

A storm was heading towards the city of Quin'lat.
The people sort protection within the walls,
all except one man who remained outside.
Kahless went to him and said "What are you doing?"
"I am not afraid of the wind", he said, "I will not hide my face behind stone and mortar."
"I will stand before the wind and make it respect me."
Kahless honoured his choice and went inside.
The next day the storm came and the man was killed.
Kahless said to the people, "The wind does not respect a fool."


SuvwI' qan wa'jatlh: The following is a Poem by tlho'QaD. is about an old warrior remembering the early days of the Empire.

SuvwI' qan wa'jatlh

SuvwI' qan wa'jatlh

ghoSpu'poHDaq Hop 'oH poH Suvpu'DI' SuvwI'pu' yoH
ghoSpu'poHDaq Hop 'oH poH Suvpu'DI' SuvwI'pu' 'etlh
HoSnuHpu' jebe'
ghoSpu'poHDaq Hop 'oH poH rIQpu' ghoslu'
'ach poHmey'vetlh ghospu'
taHjaj wo'
'ach nuq 'oH wo' DaHjaj
DIvIqoq rojmabqoq lajqang wo'qoq yInpu'chaj toDmeH
ghoSpu'jajmeyDaq Heghbejpu' tlhInganpu'
'ach jeghbe'pu' tlhInganpu'
ghoSpu'jajmey vIqaw
ghoSpu'jajmeyDaq Suvpu' SuvwI'pu' batlh
SuvwI' DoS Dun law' Hoch Dun puS 'oH lan Sto'vo'qorDaq
nuqDaq loStaH qeyIleS
batlh Heghpu'jaj
'ach nuq 'oH batlh DaHjaj
wo' luche' 'urmang magh je
lo'laHbe'choH batlh
jajpu'Daq ngo' DuHbe' 'e' wo' magh tlhIngan
'e' ngoq pegh nob wo' jagh DunDaq law'Hoch Dun puS
jajpu'Daq ngo' DuHbe' 'e' voDleH HoH loD lo'laHbe' batlhbe'qu'
pImpu' Hoch qeylIS jajpu'Daq
VoDleH mIgh molor HoH wuqpu'DI' batlh'etlh lo'pu' qeylIS ej Suvpu' batlh
je loDnI'Daj nepvaD bortaS neHpu'DI' HoH qeylIS may' batlhDaq
jajpu'vetlhDaq poH Hoch SuvwI' Dun law' Hoch Dun puS ghaH qeylIS
'ach nuq ghaH qeylIS DaHjaj
wo' SeH SuqmeH qeylIS ngeb chenmoHpu' maghwI'pu'
ghoSbej poH Hurgh wo'Daq
jajpu' qanDaq tamDI' rampu' 'IwDaj QoylaHpu' SuvwI'
'e' ghagh jach 'Iw ghoSmeH 'ej SuvmeH 'ej SuvnIS SuvwI' tlhIngan
leSbe'taH SuvwI'. ramDaq leng SuvwI'
toQ nej wamwI'a'
DaHjaj qan Hegh tlhInganpu' 'achbe' Hegh may'yotlhDaq
roj taHbogh SuvwI' tIq pujchoHmoH 'ej HeghchoHmoH
bIrchoH SuvwI' 'Iw
Hegh SuvwI'
'ach tlhIngan Hoch tIqDaq mollu' ghogh tlhab jachbogh
jachbogh SuvwI' jonlu'bogh tlhabmeH
tlhIngan, ghoghvam yI'Ij
bI'Ijbe'chugh ghoSbej jajpu' qan


Do You also like MST3K? If So, Take A Look Below

Can You tell what Joel is pointing at?

Can You Tell What Joel Is Pointing At?

Joel, Tom, and Crow were scanned in using Ray Kishen's (Thanks to Ray) scanner. The 3D image was, uh...ummmm borrowed...yea that's right... borrowed from another site then modified and combined with the other image using Paint Shop Pro.



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