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Just what is a "Code Warrior" anyway?

The Code Warrior Award

Code Warriors are Webmasters, especially the ones who create Klingon Web Pages, who take it upon themselves to Create Code, Share It, and Inform other Webmasters on ways of Improving their own Code. If you found yourself here, and this does not apply to you, I welcome you to read on, or you can go back to where you were.

I started this when I had written a simple request to another nameless Webmaster and received an annoying message back from him, I decided that it was time to help others learn to create better code.

The goal of any Web page is to welcome others into your Belief, Hobby (ies), Business, or Interests. To create a place where others can SHARE AND ENJOY what you have created, or give you hints and suggestions. I know that It is annoying to have someone come behind you and make criticisms, but often it is in your own best interest to hear them out. People who send these criticisms have taken time out of their life to let you know what their needs are. These people are not obligated to do so, and deserve to be heard.

Some browsers are not as capable as others, and creating browser specific code is REALLY ANNOYING, these individuals may not be able to afford better, but if you want to share something with the World why are you cutting out these people? My suggestion is to create pages for these browsers if you can.

This is not meant as a tutorial on HTML, just suggestions on things to Avoid, and some good habits to get into. If you have a Suggestion on a correctable habit people get into, or a page that focuses on this subject in more detail... A Complaint, or need further information, you can email me. I will not however go and look over your website to just to find flaws. If you find a flaw in your page, can reproduce it, and it is not listed in this page, I may look at it, to offer suggestions (No Guarantees).




Read on, BEFORE YOU CLICK on this link!!!

"TARGET = "_new" within an HREF statement: i.e.

<A HREF = "" TARGET = "_new" >New Web Browser</A>

This annoying piece of code is the one that started this all. It purpose is to launch a new Web Browser. I personally find this the most VAIN thing a person can do. "Here check out my links...I'll create a New Browser window for you...". If you haven't encountered this mentality yet, You're Lucky. Why do I find it so annoying? It can crash your viewer's browser... It eats up RAM... And My biggest pet peeve, You cannot go BACK to the original without closing or minimizing windows. If you want people to come back to your page, offer them something that they want to come back to, not because they have to.

NOTE: TARGET = " " anything other than " _top" can and will do this to...If the page is not in a framed environment.


Not having a "TARGET = " within an A HREF statement for framed pages:

    <A HREF = "" TARGET = "_top">recipes.htm</A>

Without the TARGET = "" statement in the A HREF command, anybody who clicks on that link within a framed environment can get the information obtained placed anywhere within that framed environment

For Webmasters who's pages are stuck in someone else's framed environment place a link to the page with a TARGET = "_top", this will break you out of it. Then Email the perpetrator, and see if they will correct the link for you. i.e.:

    Stuck in someone's impolite frame? <A HREF = "YOUR PAGE NAME HERE.htm" TARGET = "_top">Click here to break out!</A>

OR to automatically break out of frames put this into your <HEAD> statement


    <script language="JavaScript">
    if (self.parent.frames.length != 0)
    self.parent.location="YOUR LOCATION HERE.htm";

NOTE: This is how I break this and my index page out of frames from other servers (internally I use TARGET = "_top")

JavaScript from Java Script Made Easy! This is a great resource for Java


Pop up Windows: Been to Geocities or Tripod lately? Every time you go forward or back to a link to them you find a new pop up window appears. In framed pages its even worse, because each page generates a new window, If you have a page at Geocities, you may find the following code at the end of your files, remove this from your code, and your visitors will thank you for it.

    <!-- -->
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    <!--"", "w3adQBQZJIII", "width=515,height=125");
For Tripod, the code to look for is:
    function TripodShowPopup()
      // Name the top-level window so that we can target it. = "TripodMain";

      // Set cookie so that pop-up will know who authored this page.

      // open the popup window
      var popupURL = "";
      var popup =,"TripodPopup",'toolbar=0,location=0,directories=0,status=0,menubar=0,scrollbar
      // set the opener if it's not already set. it's set automatically
      // in netscape 3.0+ and ie 3.0+.
      if( nav_igator.appName.substring(0,8) == "Netscape" )

          popup.location = popupURL;
          popup.opener = self;

Not having a <NOFRAMES> statement in framed pages: The NOFRAMES command allows you to put in a statement for people who do not have a frames capable browser, usually a link to the equivalent page, minus the frames. Do NOT chastise them for this, but you might recommend that they get a frames capable browser.



Use all caps to accent something, not everything, no matter how passionate you feel about the issue. (Yes, I know I'm doing it here, but I had to stop, it even looks ugly just typing it.).


<BLINK>: One of the most annoying things out there a simple and easy to correct MISTAKE. Don't use it in the first place.


Dead Links, and Out of Date links: If you have a links page, you should test them regularly, who knows when will go off into the neither region of lost links. If someone informs you that they are moving ...update accordingly in a timely manner. This means hits to them, and if they're anybody like me, they like to get the means someone cares, and it justifies the time and effort that goes into their page!


Dead Links within YOUR PAGE: If you have decided to KILL a page in your page, don't just erase it without any warning or thought. Instead create another page with the same name and post it. This page should have something that tells the viewer that the link is dead, gives them an opportunity to report it to you and instructions on how to get try this link: friends.htm. This is a page I killed due to lack of interest.


Background Images Vs. Text: This can be a real problem, if you have a "busy" background graphic, just about any text will be hard to see against it. I recommend that you test a page with your background and all the colors that you use for text and links to see if they conflict.

Also, if you have a dark background image and use light colored text often people will have to wait for the page to load before they can even read what your site is about, this is simply sloppy coding... that is unless you include a BGCOLOR = in your body tag... here's mine:

    <BODY BGCOLOR = "000000" TEXT = "ffffff"LINK = "#FF0000" VLINK = "#33CCFF" ALINK = "#33CCFF">


Outdated material, AKA Cobwebbing: Who cares what the third season premiere spoiler is for TNG? It came and went years ago. Cull this kind of material.


Here are a few suggestions for things to try:


TEST your pages before and after posting them. Do your best to eliminate the bugs before you have anybody else look at it.


Get into the habit of using <A NAME = " " > on your link page: If you want to find your link fast on another page provide the code for the person who is setting the link and slip the <A NAME = " " > into the code. Then enter a #yourname at the end of their links page htm or html code (i.e. transporter.htm#yourname) and you will get right to your link... this helps you find your link fast, especially in the event you have changed servers.

NOTE: this does not work in tables, sorry

When confirming a new link to someone email them and give them the whole URL. Many email programs allow direct linking into the browser, and they can see that you have linked to them there, no hunting for the link. i.e.

Netscape 3.0's email reader does not work with just "" You must have the "http://" part as well


Create a page for people to get the code for linking to your page: Complete with any IMG SRC = " " information. How do you do the < > stuff? It is simply "&lt;" for a "<" (less than symbol), or "&gt;" for a ">" (greater than symbol). The semicolon is required, the quotes are not. (NOTE: To show you how to do the &lt; stuff, I had to use "&amp;lt;" to make it viewable, not executable) Easy isn't it. Offset the information, and even put in a default message. i.e..

    <A NAME = "ktesh" >
    <A HREF = "" TARGET = "_top"> K'Tesh's Klingon Recipe pages</A>, Your place to find Klingon (and other Star Trek) recipes.<P>

You can find more examples on my
Link Request Page.


The Code Warrior Award

I realize that I may not be following all of my recommendations, if you find fault with any of my pages Email me and let me know.

REMEMBER, You may be the person who creates the code, but your page is for the WORLD and if it isn't user friendly, you are not going to have any USERS.

Well it's getting late, I may rant more later.
Thanks for hearing me out
K'Tesh (the Code Warrior)

PS. Again. If you find anything with my code, or any content on my pages that makes it difficult for you to enjoy what you see (other than the grossness of some of the recipes)(Really, only tera'naganpu would actually ruin good food by burning it!) I welcome your input. Email me and let me know.

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